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The power of emergence in natural systems lies in the intricate diversity of ecologies, the rich layers of humus in soil, and the vibrant web of microorganisms that thrive within. It is the symphony of complexity, where flora, fauna, and fungi work harmoniously to create and sustain life. Yet, in our modern lives, we have often forsaken complexity for simplicity. Take, for instance, the choice to cultivate a single crop across vast expanses of land, resulting in a limited variety of foods dominating our diets. This reductionist approach undermines the magic of abundance that emerges from the collaboration of diverse elements, depleting soils and compromising our well-being. Our disownment of the natural complexity in living systems has driven the erasure of emergence. We find ourselves at a pivotal juncture in human history. Armed with knowledge, tools, and global connectivity, we have the unprecedented opportunity to shift from a mindset of extraction to one of regeneration. To achieve this transformative goal, we must relinquish our addiction to dominance and rediscover the etiology of humans – to be cooperative stewards of this earth.

Page Faye, founder of RegenCircle

A few years ago, I reached an endpoint with my health and work. So I started a quest to discover what nourishment and fulfilment could look like. This quest has taken me down many interesting paths, and everytime the course took me back to my and our broader human community’s relationship with the natural world.

This was the inception of RegenCircle, a storytelling platform to cultivate community, ask challenging questions, and collaborate. The desired result: media that will nourish, stories that will invoke remembrance, and concentric knowledge circles that inform one another, becoming more robust and resilient with time.

It is a time when more of us are stepping into a deeper level of healing and justice for ourselves and this planet, and I hope that you will join me on this adventure.

With love,

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Are you an artist, activist, writer, or creator? If so, we would love to have you join our community of storytellers to share with the world your unique lens on regeneration. We support our collective with practical resources and a community of knowledge sharing.