Global Harmony
Cultivating Peace Across Borders
12.9. 2023 10am pst
Unify, Pray, Illuminate – Together for a Peaceful Earth
We are gathering to heal together and cultivate a collective moment of peace through the power of prayer.

We invite you to join a global movement dedicated to peace and harmony on Earth. In collaboration with Global Earth Keepers and Indigenous elders, Lakota Small Farms joins hands with international organizations—Unify, Academy of Oracle Arts, Regen Circle, and Aniwa—to unify our global prayers.


This convergence aims to exchange wisdom and offer prayers for a world illuminated by peace, nurturing a powerful invocation for global harmony. Let’s stand united, transcending diverse backgrounds, as we come together in prayer for a world free from armed conflict, and for the protection of sacred life.


The purpose of this gathering guides us to source peace from within, creating a field of deep connection as we unite in prayer, urging humanity to walk toward one unified direction. This offering seeks to illuminate the world with love – nurturing a vision of unity and tranquility through our collective efforts, guided by the wisdom of our global Earthkeepers.




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Are you an artist, activist, writer, or creator? If so, we would love to have you join our community of storytellers to share with the world your unique lens on regeneration. We support our collective with practical resources and a community of knowledge sharing.